Future Project

Hello it’s the half-revived tomo~ (rolls)

So here comes the question about my future project. I have looked into the suggestion you guys have written but most of them are still being updated and the others i don’t really find interesting. Therefore I will look for a novel on my own I have some candidates already but haven’t decided on one yet. So should I choose the one I like or should I make teasers like 1-3 chapters and let you guys decided.

The poll will be open till mid February and then i will decide what to do depending on the poll. But before I will take up a new project I will translate some short stories which I intended to do long ago



Tomo’s Afterword

Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru finally reached the end of it’s translation. It was a long year with a long pause in between, but i still want to thank you readers and followers for visiting this site.

This Web Novel made me laugh and made me cry but it was great to read it.

Now for the future i intend to take a break first and look for a new Novel to translate. I’m still open for suggestion so tell don’t be shy and suggest something, I will then look at it and decided later.

Anyway a happy new year in advance from Tomo.

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